With the footprint of a telephone exchange cabinet the StreetNOx is a reference method system for measuring NOx by the roadside. It is available for measuring other gases such as SOx and can also be configured with a particulate monitor in addition to the NOx detector.

Roadside ambient air quality monitoring system - StreetNOx


Roadside ambient air quality monitoring system for NOx or any single gas in a compact, unobtrusive and narrow enclosure for kerbside location and easy planning approval.



StreetNOx features include:

  • Reference method chemiluminescence analyser
  • On-board data logging, diagnostics & communications
  • GSM modem with full remote control & calibration
  • Includes calibration gas cylinder, permeation bench and zero clean up air
  • Options for particulate monitoring or other gases
  • Easy connection to a variety of power sources
  • Easy access to sample filters and zero air scrubber

StreetNOx datasheet