Signal Group Ltd develops and manufactures gas analysers for the professional testing of VOCs, vehicle and engine emissions, tobacco smoke, impurities in special gases, power station emissions, catalyst efficiency, and boiler/burner combustion emissions.
Since 1977 the company has been manufacturing state-of-the-art high-end reference gas analysers based on flame ionisation detectors (FID) for Hydrocarbons (THC, TOC, VOC, NMHC), chemiluminescence detectors (CLD) for NOx, Paramagnetism for Oxygen, and a range of non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) technologies for a wide variety of gases.

Other peripheral equipment manufactured by the company supports the ability to develop bespoke turnkey systems for customers.
Signal’s highly experienced support team helps customers to specify the most appropriate monitoring equipment whilst also delivering maintenance and service contracts to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring.
High calibre and well-trained representatives around the world offer the same high levels of sales and service backup to customers in Europe, USA, China, Asia/Pacific rim, South America and the Middle East.


If you have a gas monitoring requirement, Signal can create a bespoke solution to precisely meet your needs.



“Signal Group Ltd offers the complete package with bespoke solutions to project management and ongoing service contracts”


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