418 Dual Beam Infra-red Gas Analyser

The Model 418 Luft analyser uses non-dispersive infrared gas analysis, an established technique for the quantative determination of gases and vapours possessing heteroatomic molecules.

The method has the advantages of being continuous and selective, as well as leaving the sample unaffected. It offers a wide range of sensitivity, and is free from hysteresis and poisoning effects.

418 Dual Beam Infra-red Gas Analyser

The double beam analysers in the Signal 418 series offer a range of general purpose instruments, ideally suited to a wide range of applications wherever a high degree of selectivity is required.

The gas sensitised detector employed ensures good sensitivity and enables a wide range of gases and vapours to be measured.

Key Benefits:

  • High sensitivity gas filled detectors
  • Wide range of gas species and ranges
  • Stable, selective measurements
  • Linearised signal outputs
  • Fast response
  • Continuous operation
  • Does not affect sample gas
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics
  • Compact 4U high 19" Rack Enclosure
  • 0-10ppm to 10,000 ppm (4 ranges)
  • LCD Display
  • 110/240v AC 50/60 Hz
  • Proven reliability
  • Wide range of ancilliary options

418 datasheet