Pulsar GFC NDIR + O2 Multigas

NDIR gas analyzer

The Series IV PULSAR series multi-gas NDIR analysers are available in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 gas channel configurations, offering high levels of performance and flexibility. Options include CO, CO2, CH4, NO, N2O, SO2, HCl and O2.

NEW Removable Screen option
Every Series IV analyser can now be supplied with a rugged, detachable screen which connects wirelessly to the analyser via an inbuilt 802.11 wifi that can connect up to 50 metres away. This provides users with the ability to view live data in a different location, and even manage data logging, alarms and calibration.

High performance
The latest PULSAR analysers have been developed to deliver outstanding levels of performance. With ultra-low drift they are ideal for low range applications and high accuracy measurements. The unique design of the detector prevents cross-sensitivity to other gases and removes the risk of contamination by particulate matter, so the instrument is ideal for a wide range of applications.
Employing Gas Filter Correlation technology PULSAR only measures the gas of interest, with negligible interference from other gases and water vapour.
 The optical bench is enclosed in a heated case so an external chiller is not necessary for non-condensing samples. By using two sample cells of different lengths in series, it is possible to select a low-range and a high-range, which increases the overall dynamic range.   A parallel twin optical bench version is also available for applications requiring the measurement of two different gases or two ranges of the same gas running continuously.

Remote connectivity
With 3G, 4G, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wifi and satellite compatibility, Series IV instruments each have their own IP address and run on Windows software. Consequently, users have simple and secure access to their analyzers at any time, from anywhere, making these instruments ideal for remote sites and for customers with multiple sites. Remote connectivity saves time and money, and creates new possibilities for enhanced reliability. Users (and Signal’s service engineers, on request) can monitor the status of analyzers remotely, so that timely service interventions can take place when required rather than on a timed schedule. This lowers the cost of ownership and reduces potential downtime.

High levels of accuracy are achieved with advanced software, employing a 4th order polynomial, which ensures linearity of response.  The analysers are supplied with remote interface software (S4i) as standard, which enables remote data collection and diagnostic capability. This is open source software designed to provide a wide range of functionality, including an option for users to add their own features if they wish.
User selectable ranges can be programmed to allow each range to have a calibration value entered and a relay inside the analyser can be used to select that calibration gas and auto-calibrate each range separately.

OEM Version
An OEM version of the PULSAR is available for systems integrators. This is supplied without the touch-screen front panel and utilises Windows software to run the entire functionality of the analyser from a remote PC.


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Key Features:

 up to 5 channels

 low ranges E.g. 0-10 ppm CO

 fast speed of response

 5 user-configurable ranges + autorange per channel

 electronic pressure & temperature compensation

 RS232  'AK' protocol, 4-20mA & 0-10VDC chart outputs

 full ethernet remote diagnostics & control

 free open-source remote software

 24VDC or universal mains power supply

 up to 23 x 1A contact closure outputs

 2 Year Warranty


 Environmental  compliance

  Gas Purity

 Combustion analysis

 Process monitoring

 Gas Turbine Emissions

 Automotive  Emissions



 OEM System Integration