Gas Purity Analyser

Our Infrared analyser options provide all that is necessary for gas purity measurement.  

Our Pulsar range provides unrivaled accuracy and precision with extremely low interference from other gases.  Another major advantage of this range is the ability to measure up to 5 gases in one compact, low-cost unit.  An example option is to include 95-100% O2, 0-100ppm CO & 0-100ppm CO2 ranges to measure Oxygen purity with particular interest in Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide impurities therein.  The Series 4 platform also gives unprecedented remote control over Ethernet or RS232, among many other benefits.

Pulsar NDIR

Our Model 418 analysers use Dual Beam (Luft) technology to provide extremely stable and accurate readings over long periods of time.  This elegant measurement technique has proven itself time and time again as the method of choice when measuring gas purity.

418 Luft