Heated Filters

Model 361 / 362  Heated  Pump, Distribution & Pre-filter module

A  medium duty heated pre-filter unit is installed in the 19" Rack housing of the analysers.

Medium duty model 361 / 362  Heated  Pump, Distribution & Pre-filter module

The  Prefilter is fitted with a choice of either one (Model 361) or two (Model  362) filter streams (for either two sample points, pre/post cat or twin  cells).

The  units incorporate a heated head sample pump, gas distribution needle valve manifold, back  pressure regulator, The unit provides 3 heated outputs and 1 cold output to a chiller or cooler/dryer.


Model 363 Portable Heated Sample Pump with Integrated Filter

A  light duty, portable heated pump and pre-filter unit is ideal for use with single heated instruments.

Model 363 Portable Heated pump/filter

A 0.4 Micron PTFE filter provides reliable filtration and is easily accessible from the rear for routine maintenance.

The units incorporate a variable speed heated head sample pump to allow for variable inlet pressures and desired sample flow rates.

  • Ideal for single instruments
  • Use as additional pumping for very low sample pressures or very long heated lines
  • Use as external pumping and filtration for pumpless measurement instruments
  • Very easy to maintain
  • User variable oven temperature
  • User variable sample flow rate
  • 115/230Vac 50/60Hz versions available