Model NOXGEN IIIR Efficiency Tester

The Model Noxgen 3 series allows instrument operators and manufacturers to check the converter efficiency of their Chemiluminescent NOx analyser.

The unit is controlled by using two decade thumbwheel switches adjustable from 00 to 99, and a three position ozone level switch for low, medium and high settings. The Noxgen 3 R provides the option of remote control using TTL levels for all operational functions

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821S 10 Step Gas Divider

The Model 821S allows instrument operators and manufacturers to check the linearity and calibration of their instruments, by the use of only one calibration gas and one diluent.

821S 10 Step Gas Divider

Eleven fixed steps from 0-100% concentration are provided, each step rising nominally by 10%

The unit operates the method of dividing two gases through a chain of 10 capillary tubes, in such a way that the operator selects the number of capillaries to which each gas is open.

  • Extremely reliable repeatability performance of +/-0.5% of point
  • Remote control allowing automated instrument linearity auditing and calibration
  • UKAS and NIST calibration available
  • Remote control audit software available
  • Ideal for regulated gas analyzer auditing and calibration e.g. US EPA CFR40 Part 1065

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821S datasheet
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