19" Rack Mounted Components

Model 361 / 362 Heated  Pump, Distribution & Pre-filter module

A  medium duty heated Prefilter unit is installed in the 19" Rack housing of the analysers.

Medium duty model 361 / 362  Rack-Mounted Heated  Pump, Distribution & Pre-filter module

The  Prefilter is fitted with a choice of either one (Model 361) or two (Model  362) filter streams (for either two sample points, pre/post cat or twin  cells).

The  units incorporate a heated head sample pump, gas distribution needle valve manifold, back  pressure regulator, The unit provides 3 heated outputs and 1 cold output to a chiller or cooler/dryer.


Model 340F Standard Heated Filtration Unit

The Model 340F is designed as a Standard Heated Filtration Unit for gas samples controlled up to 190 deg C and is available as a Single Stream or Dual Stream ( 2 singles).

The control temperature is displayed on the front panel and a thermocouple socket on the rear panel allows sample temperature to be externally monitored.


Heated Sample Lines

Signal Trace Heated Line is designed  to convey  hot  exhaust  gasses  from  sample points and probes to analyser,  without  compromising sample  integrity. With  safety  a  major  consideration  the tough,  flexible  line  is  electrically    isolated  from  the main  supply  and  is  thermally  insulated  to  allow  handling  even  at  full  temperature.

Available in 1/4" & 3/8" tube dia. and1m to 20m lengths.