Learian StreetBox

A low cost, pre-calibrated indicative air pollution monitor, the Streetbox uses electrochemical cell technology along with a nephalometer to measure a suite of air quality parameters. It provides real time information on pollution trends making it perfect for impact assessment and other short to medium term air quality monitoring projects.

Learian Streetbox
  LS100 Site Survey
  Up to 3 gas,
  Battery operated,
  Serial RS232 comms (upgrade available to GSM)

  LS200 Traffic
  Up to 3 gas,
  Mains powered,
  Etherenet comms

  LS300 Air Quality
  Up to 3 gas plus PM10 or PM2.5,
  Mains powered,
  GSM comms


The Streetbox is versatile, capable of storing data in real time for a wide range of pollutants as well as local environmental information such as temperature, wind speed and direction and relative humidity.

Learian StreetBox features include:

  • Compact, weatherproof design
  • Up to three sensors
  • Easy installation - useful for short term investigations
  • On-board data logging
  • Low maintenance requirement

Application Sheets

StreetBox datasheet