New Solar Dual FID Methane/Non-Methane Analyser

Signal Group Ltd. announce a new dual FID hydrocarbons analyser for automotive emissions testing.

Dual FID
This new product is designed primarily for automotive emissions testing in both laboratories and PEMs applications.  It comes with 24VDC power requirement or regular 110/220VAC. In the case of PEMS the heavy duty truck market usually employs 24VDC but for LDV (cars) two 12VDC batteries wired in series can provide the necessary 24VDC. To charge these batteries whilst on the go, a simple off the shelf 24VDC to 12VDC converter can be obtained.

The unit incorporates one FID for total hydrocarbons measurement and another FID with a "cutter" for methane only measurements. The cutter operates at 98% efficiency and speed of response on this channel is 2.5 seconds, T90.

Both FID readings are taken simultaneously and calibrated within the instrument's microprocessor to provide Ethernet, RS232 and analogue outputs. All of the instrument functions can be accessed via the Ethernet port including electronic flow controllers, settings, diagnostics calibration and various alarms.

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