3000MO Heated Methane Only Analyser

The Model 3000MO methane only analyser is designed for use with a standard Model 3000HM, or any other total hydrocarbon analyser, to allow the derivation of a value for non methane hydrocarbons.

In  order to do this a reading must be taken for the concentration of  methane and subtracted from the total hydrocarbon reading to derive  a value for the hydrocarbons excluding methane.

3000MO Heated Methane Only Analyser

Key Benefits:

  • High cutter efficiency
  • Measuring range 0-4ppm up to 0-1000ppm methane
  • Fast response
  • Reference method for measuring THC
  • 2 year warranty


  • Environmental  compliance
  • Combustion analysis
  • Process monitoring
  • Automotive exhaust emissions

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3000MO datasheet