Series 961 Raw Gas Measurement

The MaxSys 900 Advanced Emissions Raw Analysis System is a highly sophisticated and innovative raw exhaust gas measurement device.

The System offers solutions for a wide range of applications, providing the necessary flexibility and modularity to meet the different requirements in emissions measurement.

Series 961 Raw Gas Measurement system


  • Fully compliant with the latest regulatory standards for light duty, heavy duty and off-road test procedures
  • Measures the standard legislative compounds CO, CO2, O2, THC, CH4 and NOx plus the unregulated compounds N2O
  • Hot and wet measurement of SO2, NH3 - of particular interest in the field of additives and after treatments.


  • Pre  Catalyst (Feedgas)
  • Post  Catalyst (Tailpipe)
  • Dual  Catalyst (Midbed)
  • EGR  (CO2)
  • Research and Development
  • Legislative Certification
  • University Research