Series 4 Analysers being shipped

It’s official, Signal Group is now delivering the high specification Series 4 Multigas NDIR Gas Analysers, a game changer within the IR analyser field.

This new and exciting product can be configured with up to 5 detectors in a single 19” analyser package. It is supplied with remote software to connect via Ethernet and can be operated solely through the internet. This remote system offers a full user interface rather than the usual simple remote control functionality offered by our competitors. It has been designed using Visual Basic and is considered to be Open Source, ideal for systems integrators and OEMs alike.
If you prefer your analysers with a more traditional interface, it can also be fitted with a front panel touch screen, which comes complete with an SD card slot for datalogging and a USB connection for download.
As you would expect from Signal, the analysers are not only designed with a state of the art user interface but the detectors themselves are of the highest standard specification, able to measure down to ultra-low levels of common species such as CO and CO2, amongst others.
For more information or a datasheet with detailed specification please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01276 682841.